Your Wedding Day...

The big day has arrived. You wake up, your dress is hanging on the door, your honeymoon cases are packed and everything is ready for your special day. Ask any married couple though and they’ll tell you that after all those months of planning, the actual day seemed to go by in a flash. This is why your wedding photos are so important as they provide a lasting memory of your day that you can revisit again and again for the rest of your lives.

As the photographer, it is my responsibility to ensure that my clients receive a lovely set of wedding pictures. The experience I have gained during my many years photographing weddings will ensure that I am always in the right place at the right time to capture the best and most poignant images of your day.

Not many couples enjoy being the centre of attention or having their picture taken but we all want natural looking photographs that capture the emotions of the occasion. The most important attribute that good wedding photographers have is their ability to be able to put their clients at ease. I receive many letters of thanks from my clients with the most prevalent comments being about how comfortable they felt with me and how that makes such a difference. I have a good-humoured and amiable personality and am not at all overbearing or bossy.

I like to visit my clients at least twice before the big day. Initially, to show you my work and discuss your requirements and again, a couple of weeks before the wedding, to chat over the finer details of the day. By the time I arrive on the day, you’ll already be comfortable with me and I’ll know exactly what your expectations are.

Most of the shots I take will be candid and natural. Many of my clients are surprised at how many pictures I took that they were not aware of. There will of course be some romantically posed and family group photos which I take with the minimum of fuss and direction leaving you free to enjoy the special day you've been planning for so long.